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Having a baby is sure a bliss. Whether, you talk of the father, or of the mother, the truth is both the parents love their kid, equal. The arrival of a new young member to the family, strengthens up every bond. And, also a New Born baby, brings in a lot of joy and happiness to the entire family. Sure, realizing the pregnancy is a reason to be celebrated. Something, every girl at some point of time has wished for. But, it is not just about the happiness and joys. Becoming a Parent to a baby, who has just arrived is itself a huge task. There are so many things, which need to be taken care of because above all it is about Your New Born Baby. For this reason, here we bring to share, the best Tips for the First Two Weeks of your Newly Born Baby.

Understanding Your New Born Baby

Well, while writing this post, I know that this is something, that some of the readers might mock. But, people, if this is your First Baby, you ought to know things. These things, include understanding your baby. Though, it is quite early, to start observing the behavior (PS: Infants don’t have no behaviors!). But, still it is important to know Infants, which in your case is Your New Born Baby.

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So, start with co-operating. You know, that your Newly Born, is going to cry in the middle of the night. It is his/her right to disturb you in your sleep, to hinder you from working, and also to wet the floor/bed/sofa/you and probably, anything under your roof. So, you know that you are going to need a lot of patience to deal with the baby.

Babies, are bound to cry and scream, this is just the first stage, so if you are already getting irritated, then learn to be more patient. There is a huge lot of all of it, altogether coming your way. And, apart from this, the first thing that you should be aware of is the right time, kind and amount of food. It is obvious, even without saying that you should give a lite diet to your baby. They are yet to develop and enhance their organs. Well, once we know this all, we can move onto the Tips, which I brought you here for, about Your New Born Baby.

Tips for the First 2 Weeks of Your New Born Baby

Though, it gets easier, as it gets older, but the starting days are sure going to be tougher than you ever thought. We know that babies, Eat-Eat-Sleep-Eat. This is not in their hands, and that is why we need to take care of this. Thankfully we don’t lack in anything anywhere, to fulfill their needs. And, to be more sure about it, let us look down below at the best Tips for the First 2 Weeks of Your New Born Baby.

New Born Baby, Your Newly Born Baby, New Born Babies, Your New born Baby's Care


1). It is good to ask:

Though, there are many women, who hesitate, while seeking help. I would recommend you to be frank at it. Why? Because there is no shame or fear, which can be more important than your Newly Born’s well being. So, when it is about your Baby’s health or goodness, while you are stuck, Just go out and ask anyone, who you think has some experience or can help. This will eliminate a lot many threats, that might be coming your way.

I have Questions, Don't be afraid to ask

2). Be better at everything:

Well, when you are about to be a parent, you need to take care of yourself. And, by saying to take care of your self, I mean that you are going to need to focus on yourself. It is like developing a skill set, before you apply for a particular job. Here, taking care of, or as you say, Nursing your baby right, is the Job. And, the skills that you are going to need, are yet to be learnt and researched. So, better start surfing the internet, to find new and better ways of taking the right care of your baby.

3). Don’t Crib about being tired:

Well, as I mentioned earlier as well, it is true that you are going to need to sacrifice your hours of sleep. It is the baby’s birth right to disturb you from sleep, and in fact wake the whole house up. So, be prepared for it, and start accepting this. Vicki Lansky, the author of Getting Your Child to Sleep…and Back to Sleep, says that “Either you can be angry and tired, or just be tired about it”. This clearly means that there is hardly anything, that you can do about Your New Born Baby, hindering your sleep.

4). Co-operate as Parents; Take Shifts:

By taking shifts, I mean to ask you and your significant other (Obviously, your spouse), to co-operate with each other. It is recommendable to rock the baby to sleep, alternatively. Like, one day it is the Mom, who does this, while the other day, Dad has to do the same. This will, reduce the burden hitting hard only one of the parents.

5). Sleep when your Baby Sleeps:

Well, this makes a lot of sense. If you will sleep, just when your baby will sleep, you will be easily able to have good naps for yourself.

6). When Infant has trouble sleeping:

Sure, this happens a lot. The baby can’t just do anything about it. There is no point of blaming the baby, even if you are pissed. The thing is, better not be pissed and rather rock the baby to sleep. Crying, no way will help.

Involve Daddy!

7). Be Easy on them:

There are many guys, who as first time dads, scare to come near to the baby and do something wrong. The fear, is due to the wrath of the Mom. Sure, you need to let the Dad, make mistakes, without criticizing him. It’ll make them participate more and feel encouraged by you. This eventually will help the Mom only.

8). Ask them to take offs from Work:

It is important to teach the dads how to actually nurse the baby right. So, they can help you at times, when you might need it the most. Ask, the Dad to take Time Off from work and help you take care of the baby.

Taking Off From Work

9). Divide the work:

You can tell the Dad, to help you with the groceries or anything else that you want to. Also, you can tell them to take the baby out for a while everyday, so you can have time for yourself too.

10). Let Dad have some fun with the baby:

Sure, the dads too want to have some great and funny moments spent with their New Born. So, as it is both of Your New Born Baby, let the Dad do some fun stuff. Obviously, they too can take care of their Baby as you can.


11). Play Tunes:

Though, there are a lot of parents, and people who say that Music makes the baby smarter. Truly speaking, I never thought like that, but one thing is for sure. Good Music, sure can help you calm your baby. There might be times, when your baby is not willing to give up on his screams, music might just help you then.

12). Warm up the things:

It is good to keep the baby warm and not wet. Mark this, I said not wet, this doesn’t mean to not Moisturize the baby rightly. But, yes, it is good to keep them not wet.

13). Do all that you can:

Well, it is a bit up  to your creativity too. All of us have seen movies and how in those movies, the parents calm their Newly Born. You can take the help too.

14). Soak to Sooth:

Trying a warm bath together, is always a good idea. This will relax you and the baby too. And, when you will be really relaxed. only then you will be able to calm the baby down.

Show the Baby Places

15). Prepare a Backup:

Plan, your and you baby’s first journey to be at a Public place, which is rightly populated. Rightly populated means, that it should not have the whole world under a roof, nor it should be way too quite. you can take your baby Shopping, for example.

16). As a Single Mom:

We know it is hard as a single Mom. But, also it is recommendable to stay at the places, which the baby can easily adapt to. a calm Library or Coffee Store can be good for this.

17). Always carry Diapers:

You know, that your baby, is just a baby. He/she will wet the pants, at times, you might not have even thought off. So, it is always recommendable to carry a stock of Diapers with you, where ever you go.

18). Now Clutch the Chaos:

It’s true that you should always be prepared with your plans. But, also you might have to abandon them any time, so be prepared for that too.

Staying Calm and Aware:

There is one thing, which is really very important, while nursing or parenting a baby you need to keep your calm. So, no matter how happy/excited or sad/depressed you are, you have to keep yourself sane.

19). Ignore wasteful advice(s):

It is sure important to realize what you need to do and be confident about it. Sure, you should not hesitate to ask for help, but also keep in mind that you might need to ignore many advices from other people as well. Being confident is a vital requirement.

20). Don’t bother about House-held works:

Though, we know that you might need to take care of your house as well, but for this time, Baby is more important. Your New Born Baby is going to need, more care than you realize right now. So, be prepared and also, be ready to neglect your Messy House-held works for now.

21). Don’t Say No to Help:

It might be sometimes an embarrassment in the public, to have your baby cry. But, trust me, most people will understand. It is your baby, and you should not hesitate from accepting any help, which comes your way.

22). Start to share your responsibilities and works:

You need to take the right kind of care of your new born. You can do this, only when you accept the fact that you can’t do everything on your own. Once, you realize that you need people to hep you at it, you should ask them to help you with the works, which consume more time. Small Jobs, are what you too can handle.

23). Do not Disconnect:

To feel good about yourself and your life, along with the Baby too, start going out on your own. It can be about anything, from fetching groceries or just for a normal walk in the park. Just, whatever comforts you more.

Well, this was it. I hope this post about the best Tips for the First 2 Weeks of Your New Born Baby, helped you good.

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  1. Becoming a Parent to a baby, who has just arrived is itself a huge task. There are so many things, which need to be taken care of, because above all it is about Your New Born Baby. For this reason, here we bring to share, the best Tips for the First Two Weeks of your Newly Born Baby.