Baby Food Chart for First Year of Baby's Life

Baby Food Chart. Taking care of your baby is very important. Only you are supposed to know when to feed and when to bed your baby. Apart from these, there are a lot many other things for you to consider as well. You have to keep a check on the Baby’s Safety and on helping him walk the first few steps. So, overall it is a lot of work to do. And for the same, here we are to help you. I write blogs about taking care of your Newborn Baby thrice every week. This Blog Post will cover for New Parents the correct most Baby Food Chart for Baby’s First Year. So, read below to know more.

Understanding your Baby’s Diet:

Your Baby might be eating a lot or nothing at all. In both the cases, there are some patterns that you need to notice. Start taking notes about the times when your baby has the first meal of the day. Then note down the second time he has a meal. This will let you know better about the gaps between his meals.

Baby Food Chart for First Year of Baby, Baby's Food Chart for Baby

Also, count the milligrams of nutrients which he takes in in every meal. This will let you understand better how much more he needs a particular nutrient. Once you have known about these things right, then you can move onto looking at the Baby Food Chard for Baby’s First Year.

Baby Food Chart For Baby’s First Year | What to Feed When to the Baby?

For the First 6 Months:

Jowar and Banana Sheera
Apple Carrot puree
Baby’s First Apple Puree
Baby’s first Khichidi
Rice Soup
Sweet Potato Porridge
Potato Beans and Pea puree
Sweet Potato with Pumpkin soup
Healthy Red lentil and Vegetable Soup

Baby Food Chart For the 7th Month:

Mini Banana idly
Pear, Raisin and Apple Brown Rice
Apple and Oats Porridge
Flavour packed cooked vegetables with dal and rice
Baby’s First Steamed Veg Puree
Mango Rice Pudding
Stewed fruit puree
Avocado Mash

Food Chart for 8th Month:

Chickpea and coriander puree
Wheat Banana Dosa
Mini Apple pancakes
Suji and mixed vegetable khichidi
Carrot rice with Green Bean puree
Fruit Phirni
Super Quick Pumpkin and Potato Mash with rice

9th Month Food Chart for Baby:

Baby Oatmeal Uthapams
Sweet potato risotto
Carrot chicken with sweet potato in Olive Oil
Warm chicken soup
Soft Vegetable Pulao

First Year Food Chart for Baby

10th Month Food Chart for your Baby’s First Year:

Bread and butter pudding (Sugar free)
Brown Rice with Soft Chicken and Veggies
Ghee rice with egg
Papaya and Melon Swirl
Yummy Chicken and potato soup
Macaroni / Pasta with tomato puree or cheese

11th Month Baby Food Chart for your Baby’s First Year:

Special Olive Oil Omelette
Apple Chicken Nuggets
Poached fish and potato
Spinach and Paneer (cottage cheese) pasta
Creamy sweet corn and carrot rice

Baby Food Chart for the 12th Month of Baby’s First Year:

Healthy carrot rice balls
Baby friendly Bread and Potato(Alu) tikkis
Mashed rajma with rice
Eggplant, Beetroot, and okra infused rice
Vegetable stew with rice

So, these were the suggestions for now. Also, I would recommend you to go visit a Nutritionist for your Baby. I hope you found this post useful. Share with your friends who you care about.