Getting your baby in the right position for Delivery

What to do for Getting your baby in Right Position for Pregnancy. You just got married and after spending all the time, that you wanted to with your partner, you realize that you need a baby. So, now you are pregnant. Almost Every woman once has to come to this point. Now, you are to nourish your baby, through yourself. Then bring him/her to the world. But, before that, you need to know if your baby is in the Right Position for Delivery. Let me tell that this is not something, that keeps happening every now and then. This dispositioning is somewhat rare. But if this occurs, What do you do? Well, here is the answer as I share with our Readers, What Things to do to Get your Baby in Right Position for Delivery.

What is this Dispositioning of Baby all about?

In the final weeks of your pregnancy, your doctor will tell you to have a checkup. This checkup will let you know if your Baby is in the Right Position for Delivery. In the normal cases, which occur in 24/25 deliveries, the baby’s head has to come out first. While, in this 1 Rare case of dispositioning, the Butt or the feet are at the bottom, due to which they might come out first.Get your Baby in right position for delivery

Although there are deliveries taking place like this as well, this is risky. And, I guess that you can know, why this is risky. And, this is why there are certain Things that you need to do to Get your Baby in Right Position for Delivery.

What to do to Get your Baby in Right Position for Delivery?

I have broken down everything into steps, so it is easy for you to understand. So, head down below here and follow the step by step procedure.

Get to know the current position:

Ask your midwife to help you work out the position of your baby.

When you feel your baby wriggling, try to visualize which body part is moving. You could even note down where you’re feeling the kicks. Little tackles are probably tiny hands, while more definite movements could be a knee, elbow, or foot.

Your baby’s head will feel hard and round, while bottoms usually feel a bit softer.

Get to know about the Goal:

The best position for your baby is head down, facing your back – so that his back is on one side of the front of your tummy (left is best). This is known as Left Occiput Anterior (LOA).

In this position, your baby will fit through your pelvis more easily. The back of his head will be pressing more evenly on your cervix, helping it to open and your labor to progress.

Your baby’s back is the heaviest part of its body so it will naturally move towards the lowest side of your abdomen. That’s why upright, forward-leaning positions may be helpful during the last few weeks of your pregnancy (from 34 weeks if it’s your first, or 37 weeks for subsequent pregnancies).

Now do these Exercises:

1). The tried and tested floor scrub:

Women have been using this trick for centuries. Not only will it satisfy your nesting urge to spring clean the house before your baby’s arrival, but being down on all fours is a great position for the baby. Crawling around in this position for about half an hour could give your baby the chance to shift into a good, anterior position.

2). The anti-couch potato:

Get up off the sofa and watch TV kneeling on the floor, resting forwards over a bean bag, cushions or birth ball. Even better, in the ad breaks, try gently swaying your hips.

3). The backward chair maneuver:

Grab a dining room chair and sit on it backward (so you’re facing the backrest). You can then lean forward to relax, or rest your magazine or book on the chair back.

4). The birth ball bounce:

Sit on your ball and gently rock your pelvis forward and back. To mix it up, you can also try figure of eights, circles, and side to side. Beyonce music optional.

5). The cat stretch:

While on all fours, slowly arch your back up like a cat, hold for ten seconds, and then gently release back down. Repeat ten times. This is known as a ‘cat stretch’ in yoga.

6). Swimming:

Swimming with your belly down is a lovely position for you and baby. Breaststroke is great – but kick your legs, instead of doing frog-legs (also known as the scissor kick), because this can exacerbate pelvic pain (PGP, also known as SPD).

And these are the ways which you can Get your Baby in the Right Position for Delivery. I hope you liked reading this article. If you found it useful, then share it with your friends and let us know about your doubts in the comments below.