Baby Developmental Milestones, Baby's First Milestones

Baby’s Development in the first 12 months is amazing because of so many things happen. Most healthy babies develop new skills in a completely natural and continually surprising way. Babies all grow and develop at very different rates – and they don’t always do what the parenting textbooks say they’ll be doing!

If your baby is eating and sleeping well and seems most happy when she’s awake, she’s likely to be developing well. You know your baby best – if you think she’s OK, she probably is. But if you’re worried about her development, trust your instincts and talk to your GP or child and family health nurse.

Baby Developmental Milestones:

Developmental achievements are called ‘milestones’. Growth and development milestones are a useful guide for tracking your baby’s development, but they aren’t something to get too worried about. Although in some cases the issues are tough to deal with. Patience and the right treatment are the right solutions.

Baby's Developmental Milestones, First Year of Baby's Development

Developmental milestones are grouped under headings according to the parts of the body they refer to:

  • Large body movements (gross motor skills) involve the coordination and control of large muscles, and skills like walking, sitting and running.
  • Small body movements (fine motor skills) involve the coordination and control of small muscles, and skills like holding a rattle, picking up crumbs and scribbling with a pencil.
  • Vision is the ability to see near and far and to understand what you see.
  • The hearing is the ability to hear, listen to and interpret sounds.
  • Speech is the ability to produce sounds that form words.

Baby's Growth in First Year

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  • Social behavior and understanding are the ability to learn and interact with others. It includes skills for play and connecting and communicating.

Developmental Delay:

Some babies have delays in their development. These delays might be short term or permanent, but permanent delays don’t happen often.

Premature birth and illness are two things that might cause temporary delays. Some disabilities can cause permanent delay.


First Year of Baby's Development

Babies’ development can also suffer because of their environment. For example, if babies don’t have warm relationships with their primary carers, if they don’t have predictable routines that help them feel safe, or if their parents’ abuse alcohol and other drugs or are involved in family violence, these factors can affect baby development.

So, this was it for now. These were some of the common Developmental Milestones and Issues. Your baby will go through these in her first year. If you liked this post, then do share with your friends. They too might find it useful. Also, stay tuned to this Blog for a lot more content yet to come.