What to feed your baby on, Your baby's first food bite

Your Baby’s First Food. As your baby grows, you might have to worry about one but many things. What to buy, what not to, which school and which not, what sport will keep him fit and what he wants to play for self. It is all a lot of worry, right? Then there is the thing, about what your baby’s first solid food should be. It is an arguable topic, this is the reason why I am writing here to help people. Below here are some suggestions about Your Baby’s First Foods.

What Should be your Baby’s First Foods?

As your baby is growing right now, she won’t be able to eat everything. This is the reason why you need to take special care of your Baby, and What should be Your Baby’s First Foods.

What should be your Baby's First Foods, Your Baby's first Bite

1). Juice:

You can give small amounts of unsweetened juice diluted with boiled water with meals. Remember to serve the juice in a feeding cup, not a bottle.

2). Meat:

Stewed and pureed poultry is an ideal baby food. Most of the babies love to eat chicken. You can also add fish to his diet but carefully remove the bones while serving it to your little one.

3). Vegetables:

Veggies also make a good baby food option. Wash, peel and cook the veggies until tender. Do not give canned vegetables to your baby as they contain added salt. Instead, you can give your baby mashed potatoes, boiled or baked and pureed sweet potatoes. Alternatively, you can serve him a puree of baby carrots, peas, squash and green beans.

4). Fruits:

Fruits are very nutritious and easy to eat and digest. Your baby’s little system, won’t have to take too much stress to digest the Fruits, which you feed him on. Being rich in Vitamins, and Minerals, it is a very good option, as these will make your baby’s core more immune and cleaner.

5). Cereals:

Doctors strongly recommend iron-fortified cereals as one of the first foods for babies. It boosts his iron intake and regulates the baby’s bowel movement. Mix cereal with a few teaspoons of breast milk, water or formula before offering it to your baby.

6). Dried Fruits:

We all know Dried fruits as a great source of Protein, Vitamins and for making the core strong. I won’t really say that feed your baby on too many almonds, but 2-3 per day is okay for a baby who has just started eating. You can consider adding cashew and peanuts also.

7). Whole Grains:

Whole grains like millet and quinoa will expose your baby’s palate to a whole new world of food textures. The variety of textures of different grains will help your baby learn to use his mouth and tongue. Cook millet or quinoa in vegetable broth and serve with pureed butternut squash.

8). Readymade Baby Food:

You can also serve ready-made baby foods to your baby. Below here are some of the best and most loved Baby Food Brands, which you would love to look up at.

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So, this is it for now. Here, you read about What Should be your Baby’s First Foods? I hope you found this article useful and shared it with your friends to aware them too.