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Your Baby’s First Year in Pictures. Every Baby is important and so is her each memory. No one else in the world can understand how important these memories are for the Mother or a Father. True that Parents’ love is the purest and the truest. And, considering that I realize you would want to make the most out of these memories, as a parent. So here in this post, you will get to see the Most Common Baby Milestones, during the first year of growth. Apart from that, the amazing thing is, that you will get to see all of those with pictures.

Your Baby’s First Year in Pictures: Common Baby Milestones

Read below for the Images and Information about the most Common Baby Milestones, during the First Year.

1). Great Expectations: Baby’s First Year

Baby's Common Milestones

Watching over a newborn child can be debilitating, however, there’s such a great amount to anticipate. Take a voyage through first-year “firsts” with Babies Bloom Store’s manual for the most expected child breakthroughs.

2). SmileBaby's Smile

After you have spent 2 months with your baby, you will now finally be able to see your baby’s smile. It for sure is an amazing sort of relief. I bet you will feel like a Miracle has happened, or you can also feel as if your hard work has paid off. Lol. I know there can be various types of emotions, connected to your baby’s smile.

3). Baby’s Laugh:

Baby's Laugh

By the end of 4th Month, you will be able to see your baby laugh. These laughs can come as a reaction to any of your activities. Also, these can be in response to anything that surrounds, you and your baby.

4). Longer Sleeping Hours:Longer Sleeping Hours

Although, you might not be used to sleeping at night because of your baby. As in the early months, the baby tends to sleep in the day and be up in the night. But, after you have spent 6 months, like that, your baby will give you relief. In most common of the cases, your baby will start getting more and more sleep, during the Night time.

5). Sits Up:

Baby Starts Sitting Up

After you have taken the right care of your baby’s well being for the first 8 months, he will start sitting up on his own. This is a clear sign of Physical and mental development of the baby. Something to celebrate, right? Right.

6). Starts Crawling:

Baby Starts Crawling

After the 8 months, another Advancement, that you will notice in your baby is going to be his wobbly walk. It is going to be real fun, watching him crawl around the house. Well, you have made it happen.

7). Starts Waving Bye and Hello:

Baby Starts Waving

After the 9 months, you will start seeing your baby, start waving Goodbye and hello to you, and to other people. This will mostly come out as a response, to someone waving at your baby. This sure is going to be something, which will make you really happy.

8). Eats Finger Foods:

Eats Finger Food

Between the 9-12 Months, your baby will start eating food on his own. In this age, you can easily start observing your baby eating Finger Food.

9). Wobbly Stands:

Wobbly Stands of the baby

At the 11 Months mark, your baby will start taking support to walk and to stand. You can easily see him stand with the support of stools, cushions, stairs or anything around.

10). Wobbly Steps:

Takes Wobbly Steps

Within a year of your baby’s development, your baby will start taking wobbly steps and try to walk. This is the biggest Milestone achievement, of Your Baby’s First Year.

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