Important Health Benefits of Massaging your Baby Every Day

Benefits of Massaging your New Born Baby. Massage is an important part of taking the right care of your baby. You might even be aware of countless benefits of Massaging your Baby as well. I remember, when I was a kid my Mother used to massage me with the baby oil, every day. The reason was that Massaging has many Benefits on the skin of the baby. Apart from that, the flexibility of the baby’s body increases with Massages. So, I dedicate this post to Massaging your Baby and the Benefits of Massaging.

Most Important Health Benefits of Massaging your New Born Baby:

Below here are the most important Health Benefits of Massaging your New Born Baby Every Day.

1). Increases Flexibility:

Massaging your Baby every day will make his/her body more flexible. This will help her grow better, with more resilient bones. So, do not miss out on Massaging your Baby.

2). Strengthens Bones:

Apart from increasing the Flexibility, massaging your Baby’s different body parts will help his body, strengthen his bones better. This is a very Important Health Benefit of Baby Massage.

3). Relaxes your Baby:

Whenever you massage your baby, he/she feels more relaxed and can get a better sleep after every massage every time. You might have even observed that your baby starts feeling more sleepy easily, after every time, you have given her a gentle massage.

Importance of Baby Massage, Why to Massage my Baby, How to Choose the right Baby Oil

4). Work up the Blood Flow:

Massaging a certain organ improves the blood flow there. This is the reason why you should always, start massaging your baby, from the feet and move up, towards face step by step. But, keep in mind that you should only give a Gentle Massage, as Baby’s Skin is very sensitive.

5). Enhances Growth:

Massaging your Baby Every day, with Nutritious Essential Baby Oils, will enhance your baby’s growth significantly. This Improvement will be visible to you very easily. And, Massaging will also enhance the Brain’s Growth, apart from just Physical Aspects.

6). Awareness about Touches:

When you give your Baby, a Gentle but a needed massage, her body different body parts become aware of your touches and become more sensitive to over all touches. This will improve her responses to several touches, and this improvement will easily be visible to you.

Well, these points above were about the Benefits of Massaging Your Baby. Now let us look down here, to get to know about the qualities, which you should look for before choosing a Baby Oil, to Massage Your Baby with.

How to choose a Baby Oil? Benefits of Massaging your Baby:

Below here are the Tips for Choosing the Right Baby Oil.

1). First of all consult a Doctor. Because, the doctor would know about your New Born’s skin, better than you. This is the reason why you can trust a Doctor. Depending on that only, the doctor will prescribe to you a particular type of Baby Oil.

2). Don’t buy Oils, which are for Adults. Oils, which are meant to Sooth adult skin, are not to be used to treat your baby’s skin. You can not simply use the same oil for yourself at the age of 28 or 30, and for your baby at the age of 2 or 3 Months.

3). Prefer Natural Oils. It is always better to be more organic, rather than moving towards the synthetic oils. This way you will be able to make sure that your baby’s skin doesn’t receive much harm.

4). No Mineral Oils. Mineral Oils might attract you, as the minerals are vital for the growth of an individual, but at such an early age, you need to avoid any oils containing Minerals. So, keep this thing in your mind and Choose the Baby Oil wisely.

5). Buy from us. Well, the best thing that you can do for your Baby’s Skin is buying the Best Baby Oils in the market. We have those in our Store. To Buy Baby Skin Care Products Online just click the link.

Some Common Tips to Massage your Baby | Benefits of Massaging your New Born Baby:

To massage your baby, you have to use gentle hands. You should not use more power. It might hurt your Baby’s Fragile bones and body. Also, you need to take care of wiping the excess oil off from your baby’s body, after you have massaged her.

Although Massaging is not the easiest of the tasks, still you can read this Full Guide to Massage Your Baby, for help.

So, this was it for now.