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Finding it difficult for your child to listen to your advice or obey you? It’s common for Asian parents to draw a line between friendship and strict parenting, but what you need to do is have a little bit of both. Check out 10 Smart Parenting Tips here.

Best Smart Parenting Tips to Raise Your Kids Right

Here are the things that you need to take care of. This is how you do Parenting the Smart Way! Here, are the Best Smart Parenting Tips for you.

1. Respect not fear:

It’s only natural to be firm with your kids as a parent, but don’t go overboard with your strictness. Try being their friend who advises them instead. Remember that you will always be their (first) role model in life. Your children should respect you instead of fear you.

2. Treat them like young adults:

How would you want your kids to behave when they grow up? Treat them like an adult. Don’t be too controlling or condescending. Give them a little freedom. Keep both eyes on them and teach them what’s right and wrong. It’s okay to make mistakes.

3. Stop stressing…take it easy:

It’s not an easy job taking care of a teenage child. It’s normal for them to explore things they’ve never thought existed. Help them get acquainted with the world by guiding them through every aspect of life.

4. Don’t restrict your kids too much:

Try not to restrict them from choosing their friends, interest, and hobbies. Let them know you will be there through ups and downs. Most importantly, don’t judge their interests but guide them instead.

5. Establish a routine:

It’s important to teach your kids the importance of family activities such as family dinners, getting together during special occasions, and even simple activities such as going for an outing together. Take them to the movies once in a while and maybe for the girls – shopping.

Best Smart Parenting Tips for New parents, Parenting Tips for New Parents

6. Take a moment to cool down:

Stress can make you overreact, resulting in an outburst of anger. When you find yourself being pressured by your children, find your own space and time to cool down. Avoid arguing with your children and try not to use harsh words at them.

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7. Find common interests:

There is a high chance that your kids may share the same interests as you. Just like you, they may love technology, cooking, fashion, or even sports. Find out your common interests and start bonding. They will love your companionship and support.

8. Share the load with your spouse:

You are not alone in this. Work out a parenting routine with your spouse and your kids can accomplish more with guidance from both role models.

9. Quantity is not quality:

Both you and your spouse might be busy working parents but never take your eyes off your children. Spend some time with them in the morning and at night. Catch up with the issues they might be facing. Spend that limited time communicating instead of nagging.

10. Later is better than never:

It’s common for parents to make promises regularly but make sure you keep to your word. You could delay taking them on a trip to the beach but never forget about it. Live up to your promises and your kids will look up to you as the perfect role model. Happy parenting!

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So, now you know how you can be a better and a smarter parent for your kids and raise them right like a Boss. I hope you liked this article and found it useful. Share with your friends, who you think might need this tips.