Children’s Day Celebration with your Newborn. Children’s Day in India is a day, which we all know about. It falls on 14th of November every year and is a dedication to the Former Indian Freedom Fighter and Politician’s Birthday. Well, we are here to celebrate the day as good as we can. If you are a Parent, you sure would know the happiness of having a baby, right? And, if in case you are a Parent to a Newborn, you would be wanting to make the day special for your baby, and collect as many great memories as possible. Keeping the same in consideration, I am happy to be writing this article here. It is to suggest you some really good ways to Celebrate Children’s Day with your Newborn.

Just keep reading, and you will know.

Why to do It?

Collecting all the memories of your baby is extremely important. You would really want to look at these memories, after years have passed, and recall How good the time was. But, for that, you first need to capture it all the best way, and before that too, you have to make it all worth everything and your parenthood.

Children's Day Celebration Tips for your Newborn Baby

How to make Children’s Day Celebration with Your Newborn Memorable?

Read below for my personal suggestions, on How you can make Children’s Day memorable with your Newborn.

1). Create more Witnesses:

This might sound a bit weird, but it not really is. I am just suggesting you to Invite more and more friends and special relatives, to witness the celebration. This is a happy moment, you are happy, and so is your child, so make it all really happening. Bring all your Friends close, and share your happiness with them.

2). Set a Party Theme:

You know it really matters and makes a difference, right? I mean, just imagine, How amazing would it be, to see all your Friends, and Relatives coming to the Party, all dressed up similarly, according to the theme, which you would declare. This is the chance for you, to play with them, and make it memorable. So, go ahead and do it.

Recommendable themes:

  • All School Kids’ Theme (Everyone has to dress up as a School kid)
  • Dress up as your Favourite Cartoon Character
  • Costumes of Animals
  • A Special Fancy Show theme
  • Fashion Show Theme (Everyone has to dress up in Fashionable outfits, to walk the ramp)
  • Sky is the Limit (You can also think of something Creative, and attractive, to make this experience the best)

3). Decoration:

The next thing you need to do right is taking care of Decoration. Keep in mind that it is very important to keep the decoration ideas, near to the Party theme that you have decided. You can also hire people for decorating your house if you are busy. Although, a good quick money saver tip would be to DIY.

Balloon Decorations for Children's Day, Happy Children's Day

4). Take good Photographs:

I would really recommend you to hire a Photographer for this one. I mean, you can choose not to do that, still if I were at your place, I would hire one. The reason is, that when you will be celebrating your Baby’s first Children’s Day, you would really want to pay all your attention to your baby, the celebration and the guests. If in the mean place, you decide to take the responsibility of clicking all the Event Photographs, too, it will really be hectic.

And might result in nothing falling in the right place.

5). The Right Music:

Although you can always choose to play any Bollywood song, relating to Kids, still you have the sky open for you. Just think and make a small playlist, which you would replay/rotate on the Celebration Day of your Baby’s first Children’s Day.

6). Fooooooood!!!!!

How can anyone ignore Food, right? Food is the power of the Party. There are many Indian Dishes, and starters, which you can choose to order, or cook by yourself at the house. If you are following everything that I have mentioned here, it is sure going to be a good big event. This means that you should treat it the same way. Do not forget to keep the food as tasty, as possible. Invite me for a meal too :P.

Food at the Children's Day Celebration

7). Gifts to your Baby:

As it is your baby’s first Children’s Day, it is a huge event. Your baby, has just come to the world, and this is the first time, she is witnessing Children’s Day. Do you know what it means? This means that you should really buy her a Gift, so you can always have a good memory of it, with you.

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