Babies enjoy playing and nothing excites them better than a new toy. But buying a toy for your baby has more serious implications than is commonly perceived. What looks cute may not be safe or be a great bore.

Here are some tips to help in wise selection of toys, such that baby is safe, engaged and happy.

Age appropriateness:

It is good to choose toys on the basis of developmental stage of your baby.

  • Select toys that suit the level of learning of the baby. Find toys which will be challenging for your child without resulting in frustration.
  • You must always check the label on the toy. The label will indicate mental and physical ability of the child, his safety and interests. For instance, tiny toys or those with small parts run the danger of choking for those babies of less than 3 years.

What the baby wants:

From age zero to one, babies are exploring their new world through their senses which are developing fast as they taste, hear, touch, smell and see whatever they can.

  • In the early months, they rely mostly on sight and hearing. They are attracted by bright, high contrast colors and changes in sound.
  • Toys which can be chewed or feature interesting sounds, textures and colors help the baby with exploring and learning.
  • To encourage learning and doing, toys must be easy for activation and encouraging the interaction of the child like a baby gym. One can do baby play gym online shopping.
  • If baby does not show interest in toy, she must not be ready for it. Keep aside the toy and re-introduce it at a later time.
  • By 8 weeks, baby becomes ready for teethers, rattles, soft squeeze balls, cloth toys, chimes and musical toys.
  • At 6 months, teething toys become popular as baby becomes more orally fixated.
  • When babies begin to sit up, they are also mastering motor skills like hand-eye coordination. The love banging, repeated motions with open and shut toys which involve cause and effect.
  • At this stage, babies want to know what they can do with their bodies. Give them push and pull items, balls, stacking toys, shape sorters, activity cubes, squeaky toys, pop-up-toys, simple music instruments etc .



A baby will surely stick all items, however gross in her mouth. Many children die every year due to accidents related to toys. But this does not mean that you have to be scared; you only need to be smart. Points to keep in mind are:

  • Most of heirloom toys that are hand me downs do not adhere to safety standards of modern times. For instance, they may contain elements of lead, which is poisonous.
  • Ensure that toy is of a sturdy size and will never easily come apart. Thus it will not be a cutting or choking hazard.
  • The best safety measure is to buy only age suited toys. You must read and pay attention to safety labels. Most warning labels are for babies aged 3 and lower as they are highly risk prone to choking.
  • You may find hazard warnings for choking on toys like balloons, balls, Lego pieces and marbles.
  • Buy Playmats for toddler boys which are sturdy and slip proof.

These are some tips for buying toys for your baby.



  1. A lot of parents are interested in buying toys for their children. I am sure this information will help them a lot.