Dos and Donts to keep in mind while Greeting a Newborn

Do’s & Don’ts with a Newborn. Giving birth to a baby and bringing a new life to the world is all about happiness and emotions. People have their emotions and hearts connected to their kids and babies, and that is pretty normal. Although, when you see a newborn baby, as a guest or a relative, you feel like greeting her and that is normal, still there are a few things which you should keep in mind when you are Greeting a Newborn. Read here to find out the 5 Do’s & Don’ts while Greeting a Newborn.

The Common yet Important 5 Do’s & Don’ts While Greeting a Newborn You Should Know about!

As I mentioned what this article is about, I suggest you keep these following things in your mind, the next time you are about to Greet a Newborn.

1). Never visit the Newborn in the Hospital:

It might sound a bit awkward at first, but you truly need to understand that this might not be the best thing to do. The major reason for this is the health of the newborn, and then comes into consideration the right and the time which the mother would want to spend with the baby. As these are the earliest hours, you need to understand that the mother and baby are meant to form a strong bond. You should not disturb that with, or without intent.

Do: Instead, let them have a day or two with the baby, and then see the baby, with a gift.

2). No Surprise Visits to the House:

Although the parents can be your really close friends, giving birth to a newborn brings in a lot of pressure and stress. You truly need to understand this and accept the fact that this is the time when you avoid visiting the family suddenly. Still, if you want to visit them for your concern and love, the best thing to do is first talk to them, ask them, or inform them at least, and then visit them.

This way, they will at least prepare themselves for your arrival.

Do: Inform them of your arrival before you start planning so they can prepare themselves.

3). Never Carry the Baby with any sort of carelessness:

You need to pay all of your attention while you carry the baby, or take her in your arms, or even when you just touch her. You truly need to understand and accept the fact that she is very fragile, and you really need to handle her with immense care.

Wash Hands before you Meet the Newborn

Do: Always wash your face and hands before you reach to the baby. Even the smallest and the worst of the bacteria can cause a severe infection, so take care.

4). Don’t Visit the Baby when you yourself are Sick:

Doing this for sure will result in an infection to the baby. So keep in mind to avoid visiting the baby in such a condition, at any cost.

Do: Take good care of yourself, feel better and be better, and visit the baby with a few fruits or whatever you wish to.

5). No Pictures Please; Flash Lights irritate and radiate:

You should be aware of the fact that Flash Lights always irritate the babies, and also make them feel uncomfortable. Even if you have the parents’ consent, you should know that you should never click a flashlight in front of the baby.

Do: Spend some great quality time with the baby, and build enough memories to remember. You can also choose to Buy Baby Imprint Keepsake Kits, to keep your baby’s first feet and palm imprints with you, as those are, forever.

So, this was all about the Do’s & Don’ts While Greeting a Newborn You Should Know about. I hope you have taken good lessons from this article. Do share it with your friends who still need to know about it all.