When and How to Feed Babies Water

Feeding your Baby Water. Human babies grow up subtle and slower than other beings. There are so many reasons behind this. Also, they need more gentle care than any of the other living species do need. Everything needs to be right, while you are taking care of your New Born. You just can’t mess with anything, as the baby can catch a disease or an infection too. The same goes with feeding your baby water. You can’t just be careless and start feeding your baby water anytime. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Also, you need to understand when can your Baby Start Drinking Water. This is why here this post is a guide about When and How to feed Babies Water.

Understanding the Behaviour of your Baby!

As we know, every baby is different. And so are his/her habits and behaviors. Your baby can respond to something in a different way that you ever knew or saw. This is obvious and normal. So what you have to do is observe and understand. Look for the signs and catch them when they are out. If you feel that it’s way too hot and your baby is 6 months or older, you should start feeding her water in small amounts.

When and How to Feed Babies Water?

It is, usually, not safe to feed your 6-month-old Water, for the following reasons:

1). Affects nutrient absorption:

Water fills the baby with empty calories and can affect her ability to absorb nutrients from breastmilk or formula. It can lead to weight loss and elevate the levels of bilirubin.

2). Water intoxication:

Too much water can cause water intoxication, thus diluting the nutrients in the body. It will result in seizures, and reduced body temperature.

3). Dehydration:

According to the researchers at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, US, babies younger than six months should not be given water as their kidneys are still not developed, they flush out sodium, along with excess water.

4). Excess water can stimulate the kidneys to flush out sodium and electrolytes causing dehydration.

5). No appetite for breastmilk:

The baby’s tummy is full with water and she would not want to drink breastmilk. This will make her miss her daily dose of nutrients.

What Cup or Bottle is the Best for Use?

It is very very important to take care of the material of the vessel, in which you pour water for your baby. The baby is very sensitive and needs immense care. You can’t be careless here. The correct plastic or metal is to to be taken care of.

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Water Bottle for Feeding your baby

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