Things to avoid while Trying to Conceive. Every Girl, has a dream of getting pregnant one day. It is about something, which gives her a feeling, which only she can have. Being a Mother, is sure something, which no Man in the world can experience. And, being a Mother is a true bliss in itself. Many couples try to conceive and fail. This sometimes leaves them disheartened, but they seldom realize that there are a few lifestyle changes, which if they make, they may have better chances to conceive. There are several things, you must not do While Trying to Conceive. This is about How to Get Pregnant, being as sure as possible.

First of All How to Be Pregnant? Few Basic Things to Keep in Mind before Trying to Conceive:

Though we know how everything happens, right? But still, there are times when one might really be frustrated by not being able to conceive, even after several tries. There are a few things that you might be doing wrongly. First of those is messing with the dates.

Things to avoid while Trying to Conceive, How to Get Pregnant, Getting Pregnant with no Doubts

For Getting Pregnant, you precisely need to be aware of your Most Fertile Period (Ovulating Period). We even have an application for that, you can use that on our blog itself.

Here is the Link: Ovulation Calculator

With this Ovulation Calculator of ours, you can have a good idea about when is your Most Fertile Period, about to come. Then, if you will try during that period, it will be most impactful. And, if it doesn’t, then consult your gynecologist.

And, the other things to consider while Trying to Conceive are as follows.

Things to avoid while Trying to Conceive:

Below here are all the activities, and lifestyle habits, which you should stop doing or be changing right now, if you are trying to Conceive.

1). Smoking:

Well, I know that if you are planning to conceive, then you are planning to quit smoking as well. But, it will be the best if you quit it right now. American Society of Reproductive medicine has said that It takes longer to conceive, to the people who smoke. So, better be bidding a Bye to your cigarette and the habits associated with it.

2). Binge Drinking:

This is something which needs to be put at a halt. No more bar visits, in my suggestion. You should be better with your health and be concerned about eating good. Too much Alcohol, will prevent you from conceiving. It is recommended, to drive away a bit from it.

3). Avoid Too much Caffeine:

It is okay to have your morning Coffee. Do keep in mind that more than 200 milligrams of Caffeine will be bad for your reproductive health. Try to keep this under control. This means, not more than one to two eight ounce cups of Coffee a day.

4). Extremes with Weight:

Do not be too much overweight or underweight. It is not good for your reproductive health. You might have to face too many difficulties while conceiving if you are too underweight or overweight. If you will be too underweight, then your body won’t even have enough strength to conceive and born a baby. So, be fit with weight. Try to lose or gain a few kilos, if you are Under or Overweight.

5). Neglecting your Dental Health:

If you have been a bit lazy lately, relating to your dental health, then this is the time when you get back on track. Also, make sure that you floss after every meal of yours. Both you and your partner should have your teeth, perfectly fit before you get pregnant.

6). Be more Physically active:

Have you lately been looking for and also giving yourself, way too many excuses to not to exercise? Stop it now. Go hit the gym and be fit. Studies have proven that regular physical activities, like a brisk walk to the park too, help women getting pregnant. It makes them take lesser amount of time, to get pregnant.

7). Eat the Right Veggies:

It is very important to be eating good. Vegetables never cause any harm to anyone. So, add some more veggies to your diet and be healthy. Organic food is the best way, so don’t even think of ruling it out. Vegetables mostly have a lot of Vitamin B, this is useful, as it rules out the chances of several Birth Defects.

8). Extreme Workout:

Avoid it. I understand that you want to be fit, but still don’t go on to be a Muscle Machine, for now at least. So, be fit and do workout, but do not work to an intensity, that it messes up with your fertility.

9). Stay away from Plastic Containers:

There are many plastic bottles and other containers, which w use everyday. It is something that you need to avoid. Plastics are not something, which we would ever wish to take in. So, this is the time, when you invest a bit into metal bottles, and other containers as well. Metals are always good, and even get you the essential minerals. While, plastics do the exact opposite, by adding hazardous, polymer contents to your body.

10). High Mercury Fish:

It is highly recommended to avoid the Fish with higher contents of Mercury. These Fishes include marlin, orange roughy, tile-fish, swordfish, shark, king mackerel, and big-eye tuna.

11). Be Easy on yourself; Don’t stress out too much:

Stress is something, which both you and your partner need to cut down on. Stress is messing up with everyone’s mental and physical life now a days. Though experts deny the fact. You get that? Experts deny a Fact, that stress doesn’t cause infertility. But, evidences and studies prove the opposite to be true. So, we recommend to keep it in mind. Be easy on yourself, and don’t stress too much about anything.

These tips will sure help you. We know that there are these several things, which you can not ignore at any cost, if you are looking forward to Getting Pregnant. This is how Getting Pregnant is made easier. So, keep avoiding the above mentioned things, while Trying to Conceive.

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