Have you ever wondered why a baby cries the moment it comes out its mother’s womb? Well, scientifically speaking, a baby needs to cry the moment it comes out in the open air for the first time because it has to take in oxygen into its lungs, for the normal breathing process in this world to start. But when they leave their mother’s womb, they leave behind the warmth, and it is the lack of this warmth that prompts the baby to cry.

Blankets for Warmth: Receiving and swaddling blankets

This is the reason why babies are received and then wrapped in a blanket. Well, the major difference between a receiving blanket and a swaddling blanket is that a receiving blanket is used to receive the baby for the first when it is born, usually used by the surgeon, nurse or midwife present in the room. A swaddling blanket, on the other hand, is used to keep a baby warm and wrapped for at least another 8 weeks or so. A receiving blanket can be later used as a swaddling blanket as well. Both organic receiving blankets and organic baby swaddle blankets are available in local baby stores and online; hence, getting a few for your new-born will not be a problem. These blankets are those baby products that you will need to keep stocked up before the child arrives.

The need to swaddle your baby

The basic purpose of swaddling your baby is to keep it comfortable and snug. The baby is used to being in a covered and snug environment when in its mother’s womb and hence that is what swaddling helps to recreate. This helps your baby to adjust to the new environment, literally into which it has been born and makes the transition for both the baby’s mind as well as body smoother. The natural thermostat inside the baby’s body starts to operate from around a month or so later based on the environment into which it has been born, and till then, the swaddle blanket will keep it toasty warm.

Facts to remember when it comes to swaddling

It is not enough that you buy online swaddle blankets for babies and wrap them up in it. There is more to it. Swaddling requires a definite process and method which has to be followed to the last detail to avoid any problems with the baby’s posture. Hip dysplasia is a problem that can set in infants if improper swaddling techniques are practised. However, there is no need to get tensed up. There are various swaddle techniques, videos of which you will find online and your doctor will also explain the method to you. The trick is to ensure that the baby has enough space when wrapped inside the blanket to move its hands and legs. Do take your kid for a regular check up to the doctors just to make sure that everything is in order and to avoid hip dysplasia.

These are some of the basic facts that you need to be aware of when it comes to taking care of your new-born and keeping your child warm in your arms.