Crucial Milestones in 3 Month Baby, Important Milestones in 3 Month Old Baby

When your infant is three months of age, she will have made a sensational change from an absolutely subordinate infant to a dynamic and responsive baby. She’ll lose a significant number of her infant reflexes while obtaining more intentional control of her body. You’ll discover her investing hours assessing her hands and viewing their developments.

Here are some different points of reference to search for.

General Movements which you will observe:-

Well, by now you know that your baby has started growing, and to be honest this is the time when you will soon be starting to observe many developments. Have a look at what are the basic Movements.

Crucial Milestones in 3 Month Baby

General Movement Milestones:

  • Raises head and chest when lying on stomach
  • Supports upper body with arms when lying on stomach
  • Stretches legs out and kicks when lying on stomach or back
  • Opens and shuts hands
  • Pushes down on legs when feet are placed on a firm surface
  • Brings hand to mouth
  • Takes swipes at dangling objects with hands
  • Grasps and shakes hand toys

Visual and Hearing Milestones:-

Apart from this mobility, will come to your child the betterment in his/her visual senses. You will start to notice that your baby will now be able to observe things better. He will be able to respond to audible and visible things, happening around him.

Visual and Hearing Milestones:

  • Watches faces intently
  • Follows moving objects
  • Recognizes familiar objects and people at a distance
  • Starts using hands and eyes in coordination
  • Smiles at the sound of your voice
  • Begins to babble
  • Begins to imitate some sounds
  • Turns head toward direction of sound

Social and Emotional Milestones:-

Another developmental milestone to observe after 3 Months in your baby are the Social and Emotional Milestones. As your baby is growing up, he is starting to observe everything. He is beginning to develop a better understanding of everything around him. Also, he is starting to be more active, both Socially and Emotionally. You will know, that he/she knows the Mother now.

Smiling Baby

  • Begins to develop a social smile
  • Enjoys playing with other people and may cry when playing stops
  • Becomes more communicative and expressive with face and body
  • Imitates some movements and facial expressions

Developmental Health Watch:-

Albeit each infant creates in her own individual route and at her own rate, inability to achieve certain turning points may flag therapeutic or formative issues requiring exceptional consideration. In the event that you see any of the accompanying cautioning signs in your newborn child at this age, talk about them with your pediatrician.

  • Doesn’t notice her hands by two months
  • Begins babbling, but doesn’t try to imitate any of your sounds by four months
  • Doesn’t push down with her legs when her feet are placed on a firm surface by four months
  • Doesn’t seem to respond to loud sounds
  • Has trouble moving one or both eyes in all directions
  • Doesn’t smile at the sound of your voice by two months
  • Doesn’t follow moving objects with her eyes by two to three months
  • Crosses her eyes most of the time (Occasional crossing of the eyes is normal in these first months.)
  • Doesn’t babble by three to four months
  • Doesn’t bring objects to her mouth by four months
  • Still has the tonic neck reflex at four to five months
  • Doesn’t grasp and hold objects by three months
  • Doesn’t smile at people by three months
  • Cannot support her head well at three months
  • Doesn’t pay attention to new faces, or seems very frightened by new faces or surroundings

So, you see there are one but many developmental Signs and Crucial Milestones in 3-Month Old Baby. It is always important for you as a mother to identify these and stick to the betterment of your baby and his health. Also, I would recommend you introduce your baby to some new toys. Read here to find out the importance of Toys, and which Toy to buy for your baby.