Feeding your 1 Year Old Baby, Best Food Recipes for your 1 Year Old Baby

Baby Tips Which Show Signs That Your Baby is Hungry. There are two phases of your little one’s eating habits- in the first year, it is the mostly breast milk and formula, followed by solid food in the coming years. Though mothers are gifted to decipher the wordless giggles and cries of their little bundles of joy, yet initially, it is pretty confusing as in when to feed your little one whether to go by the clocked meals as prescribed or to wait for your baby’s signals that he’s hungry.

Mothers’ milk is essential for the immune system of the new-borns, so breastfeeding times need to be well matched with your little one’s hunger cues. Initially, the number of feeds for your baby will be more, as they have a very little stomach and can take in less at a time. Also, your baby’s restlessness is a signal for his feed. Breastfeeding calms your baby down and also induces sleep. Here’s a list of few signs that help you decipher your baby’s hunger cues.

A Hunger Cry is Usually Short

Often paediatricians suggest to wait till your baby signals for feed, but it doesn’t imply that your every time your little one cries, it is due a hunger cue. Generally, in a hunger cry, your baby’s tongue wouldn’t be towards the upward direction. Also, a hunger cry doesn’t involve a long yelling. In case, your baby yells a lot, it is pretty difficult to calm her down for a feed, also leading to an exhausted state, wherein your baby will only feed for a short while falling asleep right after the feed. These hunger cries are mostly low-pitched and rise and fall, unlike the yelling occasions.

For the few months old babies, try the best baby food online available at Babies Bloom – start giving your little one doses of natural flavours with the baby food. As and when you switch over to solids’ diet for your little one, do rely on the organic food products like the crumbled millets and jaggery powder from Tots&Moms. You can also try the instant khichdi or porridge mix from Early Foods for a change of flavour. We have other baby food store which could guide you best as a mom.

Night feeding

Almost all the parents have issues regarding their little ones’ sleeping habits, and if your baby sleeps more than four hours at a stretch at night, then you ought to be the lucky parent out there. Well, in case, your baby is quite a sleepyhead, then you do need to wake him up in about every two to three hours for a feed. Mostly, babies will signal you to wake up if they are hungry. You will be able to decipher from your baby’s movements. Waking up and acting restless, smacking his lips, rooting and sucking his fists are the common hunger signs from your baby.

An essential tip for night feeding is keeping the all the lights dim thereby letting your little one stay in the snooze mode so that he falls asleep easily. If your little one needs a nappy change during the night, it is better to do that halfway of breastfeeding, so that you can nurse him back to sleep without any disturbance.

Signs of Your  Little One’s Being Ready for Feeds

Signs of Your Little One’s Being Ready for Feeds
Signs of Your Little One’s Being Ready for Feeds

At times, your breasts seem to be fuller and signal you for feed times. It may coincide with your baby’s hunger cues or it may not. There are more than signs that your baby is enjoying his feed include smiling during feeding and opening his mouth all at once when you start feeding him.

For the age group of 8months, Babies Bloom presents flavoured whole grain cookies from Bebe Burp – this one’s a munch-on for your little ones. Still, there are times when your little one is already full from the previous feeds, he will signal you by closing lips tight or turning his head away when you prepare for a feed.

So, keep in mind these signs of your baby’s hunger cues when you make the feed chart for your little one. Also, get the natural flavored food when you get other baby products online from Babies Bloom when your little one is a couple of months old.